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Juliano Souza de Albuquerque Maranhão


Utrecht University, Post Doctorate (2005)
University of São Paulo Law School, PhD in Law (2004)
São Paulo University School of Law (1998)

Practice Areas
Economic Law and Antitrust
Administrative Law and Regulatory
Compliance and Anticorruption

Portuguese, English, German, Italian and French

Professional Experience
Partner, Sampaio Ferraz Advogados (2008-2016)
Professor of Legal Theory, University of São Paulo
Legal Expert and author of legal opinions in matters of Antitrust, Administrative and Regulatory Law
Partner, Magalhães, Ferraz e Nery Advocacia (1998-2008)

Main Publications

  • Neither punishment nor prevention: the divestiture in the Brazilian Statute of Competition Defense (original in Portuguese). Revista do IBRAC, v. 25, p. 39-81, 2014.
  • Free Software and non-exclusive individual rights. ARSP. Archiv für Rechts und Sozialphilosophie, v. 94, p. 237-252, 2008.
  • Antitrust Law in the financial sector (original in Portuguese). 1. ed. São Paulo: Singular, 2012. 300p.
  • Conservative Coherentist Closure of Legal Systems. In: Araszkiewicz, M.; Pleszka, K.. (Org.). Logic in the Theory and Practice of Lawmaking. 1ed.Nova Iorque: Springer, 2015, v. , p. 115-136.
  • Defeasibility, Contributory Conditionals, and Refinement of Legal Systems. In:ordi Ferrer Beltrán; Giovanni Battista Ratti. (Org.). The Logic of Legal Requirements: Essays on Defeasibility. -ed.Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, v. , p. 53-76.
  • The competence of ANATEL for the regulation of correlated markets to the telecommunication services: the market of phone books (original in Portuguese). Revista de Direito Público da Economia, v. 2, p. 361-375, 2003.