Tércio Sampaio Ferraz Junior


University of São Paulo, PhD in Law (1970)
Johannes Gutemberg University of Mainz,
Germany, PhD in Philosophy (1968)
University of São Paulo, LL.B (1964)
University of São Paulo, BA in Philosophy (1964)

Practice Areas
Economic Law and Antitrust
Administrative Law and Regulatory
Compliance and Anticorruption
Constitutional Law
Tax Law

Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Professional Experience
Full Professor of Law at the University of São Paulo (retired)
Professor of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo
Widely recognized legal expert and author of legal opinions in matters of Constutional Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Economic Law and Antitrust Law
Arbitrator in domestic and international arbitrations (ICC and Mercosur)

Main Publications

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  • Theory of the legal norm (original in Portuguese) 5. ed. São Paulo: Editora Atlas, 2016. v. 1. 162p.
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